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My Claudia

My crochet journey had a rough start, but I’ve come a long way since that first mutant granny square, and I’ve had my heart set on hooking a Claudia Scarf for a long time now.

My red-loving, scarf-wearing friend’s 30th birthday was the perfect excuse to get out the hooks – and it helped that the temperature has dropped to arctic levels down here so crochet is the perfect winter couch craft!


Red crocheted scarf - "Claudia Scarf" - in 4ply wool


red crocheted scarf - "claudia scarf" - in red 4ply wool


I’m really happy with how it turned out – even though with 4 ply wool and a 3mm hook it felt like it was going to take forever to finish!

I had a couple of sample sachets of soak wash that I’d been dying to try out and I’m happy to report that it more than lives up to the hype! I used Bendigo Woollen Mills wool (Desert Pea in 4 ply) which is really pretty soft to begin with, but after soaking in soak wash and blocking, it’s come up super snuggly soft.


red crocheted scarf - "claudia scarf" - in red 4 ply wool

care instructions

(I’m glad I kept the ball band! I think it makes a cute “care” tag!)

One day I’d like my own Claudia Scarf – one day. I don’t think I’m really up to knitting 170 rows of 4 ply wool back-to-back! But if you’re looking for an easy, satisfying, well-written pattern I can’t recommend it enough.



3 Responses to My Claudia

  • maggiecreates says:

    I just noticed you had a link to the pattern. Coincidentally, I recently printed that pattern because I want to make it as well. Again — great job!

    • Holly says:

      Hey Maggie, thanks! It felt like it took forever to stitch up (because the yarn was so fine compared to what I was used to) but it was a pretty easy pattern once you got going and very rhythmical! I love how it turned out and I definitely think you should make one for yourself!

  • maggiecreates says:

    Great job — the scarf is absolutely beautiful! I am going to search for that pattern.

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