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Far Flung Bee 2012

Finally finished

I’ve had a lot of time off recently (I broke my ankle back in April), and it’s been frustrating and relaxing and boring – but most of all it’s been really productive!

I’m really enjoying working on a lot of long-overdue projects, and getting them finally finished. I know I’ve confessed about my project A. D. D. before but I’m not sure you guys really understand the depth of my short attention span! I have things I’ve been working on since 2009! (And that doesn’t include my Dear Janes, which I quite expect to take many more years still).

So it felt good to get these little mini quilts finished and finally up on my studio wall.




(Sorry for the grainy photos! It’s winter down here, so we have very poor light!)

I started this mini quilt top waaaaay back in October 2008 (!!!) and since then it’s managed to survive through 3 house moves and almost four years of languishing in the bottom of a box! I’m glad I kept it as I don’t have most of those fabrics anymore, and it’s a great reminder of the past when my entire fabric stash fit into two CD holder boxes!

My other recent find was a mostly-finished mini quilt of my very first Dear Jane blocks. I started this one in 2009, and it managed to make it all the way to the quilting stage before it was forgotten in the middle of life drama and house shifting. All it needed was some binding (right now I’m crushing so hard on grey binding on quilts! This one has it, my zig zag quilt has it, and judging by the size of my crush I’m guessing many more quilts in the future will be bound in grey!) and a label and it was finished!




Here it is up on the wall in my studio with some other minis I’ve received. I’m slowly making this space my own, and finding that perfect place between chaotic and useable, and beautiful yet realistic.


On my mind, in my heart:

  • Still sewing down the binding on my zig zag quilt.
  • Finishing up June’s blocks for the Far Flung Bee.
  • Getting into strength exercising.
  • Spending some time in the evenings with (Dear) Jane.



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