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Far Flung Bee 2012

Far Flung Bee – June

It’s been ages since I’ve done any kind of swap, and when a bunch of us were talking about quilting bees on Instagram I thought it was about time we had one! And so the Far Flung Bee was born (so named because we’re all from different corners of the globe).

We’ve organised our bee a little differently, and actually I really like how it’s going to turn out. Usually how quilting bees go is that everyone makes blocks for one person each month – so you only end up receiving something in the mail for one month, and all the other months you’re making and mailing out.

For our bee we decided that you know what, we really like getting surprises in the mail! So each month we make blocks for our pair (for that month) and someone else will make blocks for us. So each month we are making AND receiving, and at the end of 6 months everyone has made for everyone, and received from everyone, and we should have 10 blocks! (plus 2 from ourselves, to make a lovely 12-block-quilt!)

June was my month to make for Erika at Guild the Lilly, and she’d requested Dear Jane blocks made from vintage florals and muted stripes.


Dear Jane block made from purple vintage floral sheets and grey striped fabric


I was so excited to make more Janes – and bigger Janes! These are 8.5 inch (whereas normally they’re 5 inch), so at this size I would almost go as far as to say they were a breeze! Almost.

It was also a lovely excuse to cut into the only vintage sheets I’ve managed to op so far. Luckily we’re only making two blocks per month because I only have 2 different vintage sheets! I just don’t have very good luck at op shops, but that’s ok because most of the fun is visiting often!


Dear Jane block made from blue vintage floral fabric and yellow striped fabric


Making these blocks for Erika has really reignited my love for my own Janes, and I’ve been spending my evenings watching TV and alternating between slow stitching with Jane, and the click clack of learning to knit.


4 Responses to Far Flung Bee – June

  • Elizabeth E. says:

    I love what you chose for the Jane blocks. I’ve already done mine, but have to wait clear until October to send them off–and I just received my blocks from Essie! This is rolling!

    • Holly says:

      I love how organised you are with this bee! You’re pretty much the perfect bee member, and very inspiring! I can’t wait until I make my quilt with all my bee blocks and I can snuggle under it and think of all the great people I’ve met through this craft. xx

  • Oh, I love that second one – wow! I’ve so enjoyed watching the Bee making on IG (and the little comments between you and Erika has been fun to read, from the outside).
    I have no luck with sheets at op-shops either. My op-shops seem so dreadfully overpriced in anything half decent, so I barely actually ever get anything. Sam is quite good at op-shopping, and finds many more bargains than me (but he would never ever EVER look at vintage sheets).

    • Holly says:

      Thanks, sweetie. I’m definitely hooked on quilting bees and would love to be a part of another one (or maybe a different kind of swap, like a pillow swap) – and would love to invite you! That’s next on my list when I get some time freed up! :)

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