Dear Jane
Far Flung Bee 2012

My first quilt.

Zig Zag quilt on a clothesline


This has been a long time coming, but man it was worth the wait! I am utterly in love with my quilt, and although it’s not perfect (I made the blocks way back in 2009 when I wasn’t as much as a stickler for accuracy or even a consistent seam allowance as I am now!), it’s all mine and I made it, and I love it.


Zig Zag quilt hanging on a clothesline


My favourite part is the backing. It’s wide wale corduroy and it’s super snuggly, and really lends a nice weight. I was nervous when buying it, because I had no idea whether corduroy was something you could use as a quilt back! But the lovely Leigh reassured me (thank you Leigh, and thank you ever-helpful and friendly IG community!) and I’m glad, because I think corduroy might be backing all of my quilts from now on!

 zig zag quilt on the front porch of a two storey house

(I live on a mountain, and it gets quite cold in winter, so I can’t wait to have a quilt for every room!)


Do you have to name a quilt? Is that an actual thing? I made this quilt “design” myself (even though I know it’s not exactly unique, and chevron quilts have been done to death!) so I think I’m gonna name it. I’m longing for warmer days, and eating gelati in the sun, and the citrus pastels of this quilt reminds me of summer so I’m going to name it Citron Chevron. Yeah!


zig zag quilt lying on a double bed


So, I’m in love! I’m already planning my next quilt (pow wow by cluck cluck sew) in the same lap-size, because I’m too chicken to try and shove a full bed size quilt through my sewing machine yet! I’m going to make it with my precious scrounged Mendocino, and loopy loop quilt it (like this quilt by Amber) because I love how much it makes her quilt crinkle (look at those crinkles!) I will admit mine didn’t come out as crinkly as I would have liked, but maybe next time I wash it it will crinkle some more?

I’d love to see some of your quilts, or favourite quilt patterns! Lay ‘em on me, people!


5 Responses to My first quilt.

  • Elizabeth E. says:

    I try to name all my quilts, and really try to get a label on them too (but don’t always succeed) in order to show the year and the maker, at the very least. I have an old book of quotations from the turn of the century and I like looking through there when my brain can’t think of a title. I love yours, but then I love that quilt! I’ve had a chevron quilt on my To Be Made List for ages, so I am a wee bit jealous of your lovely and brilliant finish. It’s so beautiful!

    • Holly says:

      A label is so important, so you (or future generations!) can look back and know who made it and when. I must admit it’s probably my least favourite part of the whole process though. I think you should make a chevron quilt – I’d love to see yours!


  • It’s a beauty!

  • krista says:

    omg, it’s adorable! and even better, i had no idea you lived on a mountain, how cool! loving the corduroy backing, that sounds like a nice heavy quilt to cuddle under :D

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