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Weekend Bruschetta (the best kind!)

bruschetta on a plate


I love weekends. Everything feels different on a weekend. You can sleep in, you can eat out, you can catch up with friends, or catch up with a book.

This weekend I cooked a lazy weekend brunch for my parents, and I wish I could cook it for you guys, too! Since I can’t fly around the world cooking bruschetta (I wish!), I thought I would post the recipe instead.


Weekend Hammy Tomato Garlicky Fetta Bruschetta



Ciabatta loaf, cut into 6 slices
Garlic fetta
Minced garlic
1-2 tomatoes, diced
1/4 red onion, diced
1/2 tsp basil
1-2 tbs cooking oil of your choice (ie: olive, rice bran, vegetable)
‘splash’ of balsamic vinaigrette
6 slices shaved ham



Heat 1 tbs oil in fry pan. Finely dice red onion, then cook in saucepan until translucent.

Dice tomatoes and add to fry pan with onion, 1/2 tsp basil, extra 1 tbs oil, and a ‘splash’ of balsamic. Stir until tomatoes are all coated (but don’t let them go soggy).

While onion and tomato are cooking, crisp your ciabatta slices under the grill, and smear minced garlic on top side of ciabatta slice.

Lay a ham slice on top of the minced garlic, then spoon the onion and tomato balsamic mixture on top.

Crumble garlic fetta over bruschetta to serve.


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