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Madrona Road

I haven’t bought fabric since August 2012, and for someone who loves sewing that’s a LONG time! Unfortunately for 2012, new fabric just wasn’t really in the budget. Enter Mr Cheese, who came to the rescue with a timely birthday/Christmas present of some lovely Madrona Road that I’d had my eye on for months!


Because I have a nasty combination of no free time and too many unfinished projects, of course all I want to do is start new quilts/softies/pouches/etc! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at a New York Beauty quilt ever since I saw Jeni from In Color Order’s NYB block and tutorial. I love me some foundation piecing, and finicky points and tiny little fabric pieces. (Luckily, because the Dear Jane quilt has 225 of these blocks – and I’m making two of them!)

I only picked a selection of the Madrona Road prints, not because I didn’t like the whole line, but because some of them were quite large prints and I didn’t think they’d work very well with the small sections in the NYB (like the donkeys – totally cute, but knowing me I’d end up with an ass’ ass in half of my blocks!)

And a confession here: I’m a bit of an anal planner. (I prefer the term ‘tightly bound’, haha!) I’ve sketched out the quilt and coloured it the best I could with the 7 coloured pencils to my possession, and changed a few things around (like I don’t think I will include the star in the centre of block 6 – middle row, far right – because I want all my centres to be solid tangerine), and you can see the arrows I’ve drawn on to switch the order of blocks around.


I really admire people who can just sit and cut and sew and it all falls into place! I think maybe I’m not free enough in my creativity to do that. And I’m also too stingy to waste my precious fabric, especially when it takes so long to save up for it and get it shipped all the way to Australia!

So I’m not sure whether I love my sketch plan or not. Pink and blue are not really my colours, and yet I love the fabric when it’s stacked all together. I’ll of course be pulling coordinates from my own stash so hopefully I can insert more of ‘me’ into the quilt as I make it.

I got about 5m of the charcoal sketch-style print to use as the background between blocks, but now I’m torn about whether to use that – or try some yarn dyed essex. Although I think part of my indecision might just be because I want an excuse to buy some essex linen!


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