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Project Life

I really enjoyed taking part in the 30Lists in September project last year, but  but I don’t seem to be very good at sticking to a daily (or even weekly) challenge like that. I know some people enjoy the challenge and discipline, but with my hectic life it always seems to turn into another stress for me. So I’m really excited at starting a just-for-me, in-my-own-time Project Life journal.

I want to remember birthdays and parties and events and whirlwind interstate weekends. I want to record the journey in mking some of my favourite projects. I want to do more with my IG photos than just clog up my phone memory. And I just genuinely enjoy cutting things out and sticking them into books!

I think the best thing about the Project Life idea is that you can do it completely your way. Chronical each day, each week, each month, or as often as you like. I’ve chosen not to use the official kit because I’ve always wanted to start a Moleskin. And I love the way books get all fat and crinkly and jammed full of stuff as you stick notes and photos inside. I guess my journal is a little bit of Project Life and a little bit of a Smash Book (watch the video here), and I completely love it! I cant wait to journal more things – I’ll share them up here when I do.




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