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Little Miss Monkey

monkey soft toy held in hands


After the success and enjoyment of Bunny, I knew I wanted to revisit and dabble some more in recycled softies.


monkey softie lying on a table


Little Miss Monkey was made for Christmas, for the granddaughter of one of a family friend. The brief read: squishy, cuddly, friendly, with limbs just right for grabbing on. Hopefully I nailed that!

She has a little headband with a hand-crocheted flower – and a matching one for little Z to wear too! I love her little pot-belly (one of my favourite features of this pattern) and her wiggly wonky little tail, and her ‘fur’ is a super soft angora sweater felted up in my washing machine. Her hands and feet and face is fleece that I tea stained myself. Her skirt is reversible and is made out of one of the very first pieces of fabric I ever ever bought! So this little monkey is actually quite special to me.


monkey softie sitting on a small table with two headbands


monkey softie sitting on a table, view from behind


She came to life through sketches, but also through I guess what you could call Monkey v1.0. I’d made the first monkey softie a long while ago, but the pattern just didn’t work. The body was to skinny, the arms were too long, but I did like the face. So I kept his head (a little creepy I know!) because I knew I wanted to go somewhere with that original design eventually. And I’m glad I got the chance to revisit – and out of that wonky first monkey came this little Miss!





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