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{how to} recycle batting scraps


Craft and sewing supplies are pretty expensive down here in Australia compared to our lucky American cousins, so consequently I’m pretty thrifty (read: stingy!) with my supplies and I like to get every bit of use out of them I can!

This is a little trick I picked up ages ago and found it invaluable when making mini quilts. It also works really well for regular quilt batting – but of course you have to have access to larger scraps (I wouldn’t recommend as many seams in a regular quilt sized pieced batting).

First, lay out your batting scraps and arrange them so that you form a big square (or rectangle, or whatever shape you need for your quilt) with no gaps.



To join your batting pieces together, you’ll need to use a zig zag stitch. Any zig zag stitch will do, but this is my favourite, my special Batting Zig Zagging Connecting Super Stitch! (This is a great one for “melding” the edges together, but be warned – it does use a lot of thread so make sure your bobbin is full before you get going!)



Pick your first two pieces of batting to join, and use a quilting ruler and rotary cutter to trim away any wonky pieces to achieve a straight line on the meeting sides of both pieces of batting. To join your batting, you need to butt the straight edges firmly together. You really need to make sure they’re firmly butted – it should create a small hill (see below). If the edges aren’t pressed closely enough together you can end up with a weak join or small gaps.



Sew the two edges together, then trim the edges to square up, and add your next piece, log-cabin block style.


Keep adding pieces in this style until you’ve used up all of your scraps and turned those little unusable pieces into a big recycled patchworked batting! (Again – for a regular lap/bed sized quilt that will be used and washed a lot I wouldn’t recommend this many seams in your batting, so please make sure you save your bigger batting pieces for big quilts, and your little batting pieces for your minis!)



I just love seeing something that would have ended up in the rubbish being saved and remade into something useful and thrifty!



My name is Holly and I live in Australia. This is where I blog about the stuff I make (mostly quilts, stamps & plushies). Sometimes I also write about things that inspire me. Thanks for stopping by!


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