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Far Flung Bee 2012

August’s Far Flung Bee blocks



August was my month to make two blocks for Essie, and you know I think these are my favourites that I’ve made so far! That wasn’t a surprise to me as Es and I have similar tastes in colours, styles and fabrics, so I didn’t really have to stray far from my comfort zone. Although I quickly realised my stash is very short on brown!

I can’t decide which is my favourite of these two blocks (I keep changing my mind), but I do really want to make my own bear’s paw quilt one day! (If you want to make your own, there is a fantastic tutorial over on Essie’s blog.)


This month’s blocks also let me further indulge my current obsession: scrappy white-on-cream prints. I can’t get enough of this look right now, and I’m desperately scouring patchwork stores for more because I’ve gone through the tiny bit I had squirrelled away and I just want to add this look to Everything right now!


Right now it is ever-so-slowly warming up, although it is still chilly this past week, and I am trying to enjoy the mild days before the full force of summer hits and then we slide back down into a long winter again.

On the go right now:
Mini quilt for DUDQS3 (due out the 8th – oops, I thought the email said the 18th!)
September’s Far Flung Bee blocks
Designing my own cross stitch & stitching up a test version
Finishing up another sweater softie


Stamp dreaming

July has been a good month for stamps, and I’m really enjoying the quiet time spent with a hunk of white rubber and my concentration.

I’m currently working on three stamps (a business card, a save-the-date, and possibly the coolest: a stamp to stamp into fondant icing on a cake for a dear friend) but here is my latest finish.

I feel like my carving ability has taken a big step forward lately, and that’s pretty exciting to me as I’ve been doing this for a long while now and sometimes it just feels like you get stuck in progression. It’s a horrible state where you can see where you want to be, where you think you should reach to, but your ability just isn’t ready to take you there yet. You just gotta keep pushing and pushing and have faith that you’ll get there, and after 4 years of carving I think I’m getting there.

I kind of wish I’d taken an imprint of each stamp I’ve made, and journalled them. I think that’s something I should start in the future. Then I can look back and see where I’ve been when I’m thinking about where I’m going.





365: July 2012

The start of July was great for me. I knit a beanie (knitting in the round!), I started eating better and really experimenting in the kitchen, and I started working out.

The end of July wasn’t so great for me. I think trying to do All The Things and starting back at work burnt me out. I guess I needed that break. I slept a lot, I hung out with Mr Cheese and the pups on the couch, and I watched some Olympics. I think sometimes we all need a little break.



Weekend Bruschetta (the best kind!)

bruschetta on a plate


I love weekends. Everything feels different on a weekend. You can sleep in, you can eat out, you can catch up with friends, or catch up with a book.

This weekend I cooked a lazy weekend brunch for my parents, and I wish I could cook it for you guys, too! Since I can’t fly around the world cooking bruschetta (I wish!), I thought I would post the recipe instead.


Weekend Hammy Tomato Garlicky Fetta Bruschetta



Ciabatta loaf, cut into 6 slices
Garlic fetta
Minced garlic
1-2 tomatoes, diced
1/4 red onion, diced
1/2 tsp basil
1-2 tbs cooking oil of your choice (ie: olive, rice bran, vegetable)
‘splash’ of balsamic vinaigrette
6 slices shaved ham



Heat 1 tbs oil in fry pan. Finely dice red onion, then cook in saucepan until translucent.

Dice tomatoes and add to fry pan with onion, 1/2 tsp basil, extra 1 tbs oil, and a ‘splash’ of balsamic. Stir until tomatoes are all coated (but don’t let them go soggy).

While onion and tomato are cooking, crisp your ciabatta slices under the grill, and smear minced garlic on top side of ciabatta slice.

Lay a ham slice on top of the minced garlic, then spoon the onion and tomato balsamic mixture on top.

Crumble garlic fetta over bruschetta to serve.


Weekend snippits

tin full of chocolate biscuits

Eating chocolate biscuits.

Pile of packages

Packing up orders.

Pinning bias binding onto a circular mini quilt

Pin pin pin pin pinning bias binding.

rubber shavings in the shape of a heart with a carving tool above

Carving stamps (this might be one of my favourite photos I’ve taken of all time!)

bruschetta on a plate

Making weekend bruschetta (the best kind!) for Mama and Papa Cheese.

What did you get up to this weekend?



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