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Far Flung Bee 2012


I did knitting!

chunky rainbow scarf


Those of you who know me well or who’ve read this blog for a while will know that I am not very co-ordinated when it comes to the fiber arts. It took me a long time and many tries to get the hang of crochet – and that only uses one stick!

I’ve knit in the past before and it was pretty much a frustrating disaster, so until now my dealings with knitting have pretty much been the type where I re-pin lovely patterns on Pinterest and sigh wistfully.

But I am nothing if not stubborn, and with some veeeeeeery patient tutelage from my mama, I mastered the art of using two sticks at the one time (phew!) and knit myself a scarf!




It’s made from B.I.G by Panda, and when I can work out/be bothered with Ravelry I’ll put it up there, but in the meantime there’s a pattern on their website here.

It’s suuuuuper chunky, and extra cuddly, and reeeeeally long. And overall pretty perfect for this frosty winter we’re suffering through.



(PS: new glasses!)


I’m really excited, even though I’m well aware that knit 8, turn, knit 8, turn, knit 8, turn is not exactly the rocket science of knitting! I still find it so hard in a not-always-enjoyably challenging way, but I’m stubborn. And the enjoyment is growing. And I’m making a beanie! It’s my next step in my journey to being able to knit socks. One day, one day..!




I tried knitting once before, and that attempt went much the same way as my first attempt at crochet: exceedingly poorly.

Really, I think a manatee would have better knitting skill than me!

Still – I got there in the end with crochet, and I think that maybe, someday, hopefully, probably, (ok probably not), I might get there with knitting.

So I picked up my knitting sticks and gave it another shot. And it was reassuring to know that I still suck at it! But I’m nothing if not stubborn, and my ultimate goal is to be able to knit socks like the lovely heyporkchop, so I need to perservere.

I think I’ve mastered the knit stitch. I’m making a chunky scarf!



Other things I have made this week:

  • Enjoying carving some stamp commissions.
  • I basted my zig zag quilt and can’t wait to get quilting!
  • Cappuccino fudge cheesecake for my mama’s birthday.

Choc ripple biscuit base, dark chocolate tia maria ganache, espresso cheesecake, and sweetened sour cream vanilla topping.


Next on my list:

  • Quilt my zig zag quilt!
  • Far Flung Bee June blocks
  • Make an i-cord necklace (eek! DPNs!)

Getting a head start

I’m sure most of you have heard of Instagram by now, but in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past year…. It’s basically a smartphone app service that lets you take and edit and upload photos to share with the rest of the Instagram world. I really dig the ease of use, and the cute vintage filters, and more than that – I love all the craft happening around the world that I get to check in on throughout my day!

I’ve met some fantastic, inspiring, crafty women (and men!) on Instagram, and recently a few of us decided that we should start our own quilting bee! And so the Far Flung Bee (because we’re all scattered across the world) was born.

I decided for my blocks I would love some of Oh Fransson’s Mod Mosaic blocks, but the problem is – we don’t start until June and my patience just won’t last that long!

So despite my massive to-do list, I managed to crank out some “test blocks” (if I call them test blocks that justifies the time spent away from more important things, right? Right?!) over the last couple of days.


green-yellow-orange mod mosaic quilt block


I am proud to say I used ONLY scraps for these blocks! (well, except for the sashing). It feels good to use up all the little bits of fabric I’ve been hoarding.


red-pink-purple mod mosaic quilt block



While making these I did notice that most of my scraps are painfully tiny. I guess my paranoia about fabric wastage is not great for accumulating useable-sized scraps! Somehow I seemed to have bigger red-pink-purple scraps, so consequently that block was a LOT easier to make – and I think it looks better with the bigger scraps, too.


red-pink-purple and green-yellow-orange mod mosaic quilt blocks

It’s nearly June, and I’m so excited to get started! Is it June yet?!



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